Tuesday, October 8, 2019

Summary of an article , Standing alone in mecca, by asra q.nomani Essay

Summary of an article , Standing alone in mecca, by asra q.nomani - Essay Example The sense of emancipation and the exploring the actual sense of Islam is vigorous. The paper discusses her experiences and highlights the difference between the written facts in the holy book of Islam i.e. Quran and the harsh realityThe name of Asra Q. Nomani bears particular significance within the feminist struggle and emancipation of woman’s right especially in the Muslim world of today. Born in Bombay, India and brought up in West Virginia, America an outright liberal journalist and a former Wall Street Journal reporter, Nomani tries to find out the atrocities attached with the Muslims in the Western world and blames that it is due to unscrupulous activities of some extremists of her own religion that have attached the notion of violence and terrorism with the Muslim religion as a whole and still makes a major section of the Muslim women , a piece of subordination to the male society. In her desperate creation of the book, â€Å"Standing Alone: An American Woman's Struggl e for the Soul of Islam" reveals her bitter experiences about the pilgrimage to Mecca and exhibits her utmost efforts in reclaiming the right of the Muslim women in the 21st Century (Nomani, 2012). ... According to the sharia law of Pakistan, two women were regarded as witness. At this instance she states that, â€Å"Neither relenting nor opposing the edict, I had my grandmother and my aunt serve as one witness† (Nomani, 2005, p. 195).In her locality in America she also experienced the stereotypes of her religion. One of the converts in the newly opened mosque organized private swimming for the Muslim women on Sunday nights in an indoor pool taping the newspapers to the windows. But the puritanical gossipmongers sliced her efforts. There was also an organization of an entertainment with an innocent four person ride at the Valley’s Worlds of Fun but it was protested by the Protestants as â€Å"Rock and Roll Cage† (Nomani, 2005, p.196) as they thought that it would be promoting improper western dance. Thus it can be said that in America her experience of treatment with the Muslim women were quite harsh. Adversities faced in the trip In the initial phase of the tr ip, she receives permission in making the trip but faces criticisms in going to Saudi Arabia as she was an unwed mother. Nomani became pregnant when was in Pakistan and decided in raising the child with her parents in West Virginia. Ultimately she got the sponsor from her father and family members. Even at the pilgrimage in Mecca, Medina and Jerusalem she did not received proper welcome from the people. As for instance, the board president who was an Egyptian American with PhD degree yelled at her stating that, â€Å"Sister, take the back entrance!† (Nomani, 2005, p.197). The tone was not all good and she experienced this same behavior from the men and women in Mecca as well as in Jerusalem. The man didn’t even greeted her with

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