Monday, October 7, 2019

Entrepreneurship Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2750 words - 1

Entrepreneurship - Essay Example strive to achieve within the workplace from a customer service perspective, as well as approaching the problem solving (and conflict handling) with customers on a creative basis when dealing with potentially "damaging" situations with respect to the image of the company. The basis of approaching situations on a more proactive and suitable problem approaches to these situations leads me to believe that I have a higher internal locus of control, based upon the fact of such proactive approach within the organizational setting, as well as my personal belief in handling events, and thereby my own development within the direction I wish it to move in or progress. Ones personal development and skills can never really be viewed as perfect and the ongoing commitment to personal, and professional, growth development allows for one to make the necessary efforts and initiatives within this process. Although at times the achievement drive requires attention, due to negative influences within both personal and professional capacities, the main hindrance here is often the influence of personal factors that spill over into the workplace, which is seen as perhaps one of the main areas of focus required for improvement. My current employer does not really encourage the talent aspect within employees, however more so on a management level, whereby authority is granted to management to make specific business and customer service related decisions within the normal course of a working day. This allows for management to make suitable decisions, as well as the related autonomy that accompanies this authority within their capacity as a manager, the organization furthermore encourages this decision-making process with adequate recognition in the case of correct and suitable decisions, however within the case of a decision that they do not agree with the company is very accommodating and encouraging in terms of developing the necessary skills to make the right decisions in line with the

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