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Discuss any two major factors that contributed to the scramble for and Essay

Discuss any two major factors that contributed to the scramble for and acquisition of African colonies in the late nineteenth-century - Essay Example like French used assimilation policy to rule, Africans were illiterate and their dressing code was skins and tree barks, Africans also believed in their own traditional God they had sacred places for worshiping and worshiped physical features and land marks for example in East Africa in a country called Kenya a tribe called the ‘Agikuyu’ who lived on the slopes of Mount Kenya originally known as Mount ‘Kirinyaga’. African who lived around the Mountain worshiped the mountain as their God they had no religion at all they only worshiped the mountain and believed that God was lived at the top of the mountain. The first European to see Mount Kenya was a missionary called Dr Living Stone who was spreading Christian religion around that place on 19th century. Most of the Europeans powers wanted to convert African to Christianity and all those who had been converted to Muslim by the Arabs who had visited Africa in the early 15th century the also knew Africa as a ‘dark’ continent where no religion existed they had no information that Africans had their own traditions and believes, they only wanted to introduce Christianity so as to compete with Muslims and Arabs in Africa and other parts of the world. By the end of 19th century there was an industrial revolution back in European countries and therefore the Europeans mainly come to Africa in search of raw materials to supply and meet the demands to their industries back at home, some of the row materials include cotton, coffee and the minerals include the gold and diamond-rich from Southern Africa and Egypt, and animal products like hides and skins making shoes and many other industrial use and ivory for making ornaments. The European also had come along with there own goods and wanted to exploit and obtain market for their own goods which the Africans were lacking this include cloths weapons like guns and gun powder, beads glassware and many others. The Europeans invested heavily in the mining

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