Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Marketing and consumption Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Marketing and consumption - Essay Example 2012). This study will extensively expound on the marketing event that took place on September 10th 2013 by Apple Inc where it launched the lower-cost iPhone 5C which is ‘The most colorful iPhone Yet’ and the iPhone 5S which is dubbed as ‘The Most Forward-Thinking Smartphone in the World’ (CBCnews 2013). Apple Inc is one of the most famous information technology companies, and it is a multinational corporation whose headquarters are based in America, California. Apple Inc is a world renowned for its high-quality products, and it is involved in the sale, development and design of personal computers, computer software and consumer electronics. Apple’s popular hardware products include the iPod music player, the iPad tablet computer, the Mac computers and the iPhone Smartphone (Chazin 2013). September 10th 2013 was a very special day for the Apple Inc company since it was launching two phones that have never been seen in the world ever. iPhone 5C is a lo wer-cost iPhone since Apple has been known to produce very expensive products due to its market niche as well as a good reputation that has lasted many years since the creation of the company in 1976. Thus, its products have been known to be very expensive as compared to similar products that try to rival Apple’s products (Apple 2013). Not only is the iPhone 5C lower in cost but also the most colorful iPhone to be manufactured in the world. ... It is the first Smartphone with 64-bit technology that provides blazing-fast performance, especially when editing photos, launching apps or when playing graphic-intensive games. The iPhone 5s delivers desktop class architecture on the palm of the customer’s hand (iPhone(a) 2013). My selection is relevant to marketing since Apple Inc is a world-renowned company and, therefore, any marketing launch that it organizes has to be covered by all the media in the world due to its attraction of many customers. The chosen marketing event for this study is an excellent example of marketing since there are various lessons that can be learnt from the event. It is paramount to note that Apple had already conducted a marketing awareness program that it will be launching the two phones and there was a humongous response worldwide from many people who wanted to purchase the iPhones firsthand (AppleEvents 2013). The marketing event had attracted very prominent people from all corners of the wor ld since they wanted to know what other new-product Apple had created. It is worth noting that Apple Inc has a long history with its co-founder, the late Steve Jobs and therefore, after his demise, many people thought that the company would not survive in business for long. Therefore, this marketing event was an attraction since people wanted to get a grip of the two new products (TheGuardian 2013). The marketing event was conducted in a very organized and colorful manner that was valuable to any person with a passion for marketing since there were numerous concepts that could be learnt. From the invitation cards to the colorful event, all aspects had what an excellent marketing event should endeavor to practice (Apple 2013). The

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