Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Operations Management and Operations Function Essay

Operations Management and Operations Function - Essay Example Organizations have got into a new era that is featured dramatic, rapid, and turbulent changes. The increased pace of change has transformed the operations in the organizations (Mahadevan, 2010, p. 307). The transformation has become integral and inherent part of organizational life. Several emerging trends have made organizations change their operations functions. These trends include globalization and increased competition from the emerging industries. Most organizations operate in a global economy that is characterized by intense competition. Many products and service are consumed externally as compared to the country of origin. Globalization has brought about a greater union in terms of taste and preference. For this reason, many organizations have changed their old operations in order to keep up with the competition in the market. An operations manager plays a vital role in business, government or any other organization. The task of operation manager is dependent on nature and the size of the organization. An operation manager requires both interpersonal and business skills to succeed in his/ her operations (Burcher, 2004, p. 30). An operation plays a vital role in the management of resources in the organization. Additionally, the operation manager is responsible for financial management in the organization. The operations manager is also responsible for setting objectives and goals and makes policies in various departments in the organization (Meyler, et al., 2013 p 100).

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