Monday, January 13, 2020

Declining Morality Essay

Teen pregnancy is occurring everywhere. Profanity has greatly increased in the entertainment industry. Dances are becoming more vulgar and are teaching small children bad habits. Out-of-wedlock births now seem to be common and, therefore, less frowned upon than before. One of the most important challenges to humanity today is obviously our drastic decline in morality. Some may say our morals are even being completely redefined. At this rate, will our generation’s children grow up in an even worse environment than our current situation? One of the most influential causes for society’s decreasing morality is today’s music. Children as young as three years of age are learning such profane language from listening to lyrics without parental supervision and repeating them for their friends to hear. Drug and alcohol abuse, premarital sex, and violence are being especially promoted in current rap music. The dances associated with such songs also suggest these ideas. There should already be a limit to what youth are allowed to hear, and with lack of this supervision along with increasing vulgarity, kids are trying to grow up much too fast. This can connect to the increasing teen pregnancy rate. Marriage used to be morally required in order to reproduce and raise children. Out-of-wedlock births are becoming more popular. This can be linked to dysfunctional families and children being raised without both parents present. Therefore, the youth do not always receive the deserving attention and support needed to lead a successful life. Increasing divorce rates and custody battles also contribute to this issue. All in all, today’s youth are not thriving as they should be. Yet, this is not only effecting young people but also our society as a whole. Morality’s downfall has become an austere issue that must be addressed to the public. If failed to be brought to attention soon, the adolescents of today could possibly wreak havoc on later society.

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