Friday, November 1, 2019

Macdonald's Term Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3750 words

Macdonald's - Term Paper Example It has been recognized that such grave issues tend to hamper the overall effectiveness of the organization. In order to resolve the issues, it is quite significant for the company to revise its strategies. It must also desire to focus upon the creation of sound incentive structures. It is also imperative to enhance the working condition of the employees. Top management needs to play an active role in this regard. Position The company that has been chosen for the study is McDonald’s Corporation. It is considered to be one of the biggest food chains in the globe pioneering in hamburger fast-food based restaurant. It is based in the United States, though McDonald’s has a global presence as at present the restaurant chain is operating in over 100 nations. In various places of the world where the company operates, it is either run by a franchise, an associate or the corporation itself. The company sells numerous products such as hamburgers, French fries along with chicken an d other breakfast item (McDonald’s, â€Å"Mission and Values†). McDonald’s mission statement aims at becoming one of the favorite places for the consumers. Its worldwide branches and subsidiaries have been linked with the global strategy which is known as ‘Plan to Win’. ... It believes in the fact that for the purpose of attaining success it is quite significant to have a trained workforce belonging to diverse backgrounds working in an environment as a team. The company assists its customers to build improved societies, endorses Ronald McDonald House contributions and thus these aspects positively impact upon their size, scope as well as possession to make the world a healthier place (McDonald’s, â€Å"Mission and Values†). The vision statement of the company is to be one of the top service restaurants offering speedy services to the customers. It wants to offer its customers with best quality, service, and cleanliness and value (McDonald’s, â€Å"Mission and Values†). McDonald’s is a business entity which is famous for its burgers and meals. The business of the company has been extended all over the world. The major stakeholders of the company are customer, employees, managers, financiers, and suppliers along with com munities in which it operates (McDonald’s Corporation, â€Å"The Values We Bring to the Table†). Thesis Statement The main objective of the paper is to discover the problems faced by McDonald’s and to identify the ways through which the problems can be resolved. Sense It can be observed that McDonald’s has been developing and extending its operations all over the globe since past few years. Even though the company seems to be convenient, clean and cheap there are a number of negative aspects related to the company especially its operational procedure. Despite paying the employees of the company with low wages and impacting other culture negatively to a certain extent, it has been observed that the company has been capable of positioning itself as having

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